Cancer and genetic effects are examples of

Link between hpv and cancer. Association between hpv and cervical cancer. Activities

Vezi mai multtriangle-down Transcriptul clipului video Let's see this way. Oh, what's up? Hello everybody. It is Doctor J. How are you? We got Heather jumping on here couple of other people. Good afternoon.

cancer and genetic effects are examples of hpv vaccine green book

Hope you guys are having a great day. I got a little bit of A- two face thing going on here because of the Sun coming in and blasting in the face on this side. Hey Ali. How are you Missy? How are you Lori Hello as well? Well, it is Thursday afternoon and it is a great day.

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Wisconsin not only because it's actually kinda nice Little cloudy but nice, but finally I shouldn't say wisconsin. How are you do not put them back into place just kind of dismiss those and let people as they should have from the beginning, make their own decisions on what they wanna do with their life and their health and be smart right like we do every flu season.

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You know, don't be stupid right make good decisions about what you're gonna do and how do you know protect those who are more vulnerable, which is what we should have done from the beginning. Alright and so I'm. Excited to be able to start to have some things start to open back up and hopefully start to get back to our lives as normal probably in some slow process, but better than constantly having everybody living in fear and I'm hoping cancer and genetic effects are examples of what went on definitely opened the eyes to people and got them to start to think a little bit differently about the approach and things we should be taking with these things.

How are you as well? But also today what are we gonna talk a little bit about? We're gonna talk about the C word right, something that a lot of people when they hear it, They're going to you know they even had a patient post on our Facebook page and I was gonna tell a little bit about cancer, but it scares the shit out of her right and it can for a lot of people.

It is a scary.

Translation of "cancer and" in Romanian

Thought about and that's why I titled today's dynamic dose cancer genetic our genetic a genetic disease or a condition of a disease of toxicity and deficiency, and we're gonna go through. We're gonna talk about some things and kinda lay out the ground.

Mom got cancer and almost died. Mama s-a îmbolnăvit de cancer și a fost la un pas de moarte. She's got really bad cancer and wears a red wig. Are o formă gravă de cancer și poartă o perucă roșie.

Oh boy that groundwork for I can't believe my camera didn't fall over there. Nasty genetic issue, or is there other things potentially that are going on that could be behind the scenes and so again now, I will say this disclaimer. I will never sit here cuz again obviously being in the position that I'm in the one thing I will say is do I treat cancer? That's not what we do.

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That's not the approach we take the approach we take is all about restoration right restoring that body back to normal health and function, and I was thinking. I never diagnosed nor do I really care what your diagnosis are what's going on understand that if you have symptoms conditions diseases, your body is not functioning properly. We have to start to restore that body back in a nice side effects of Pamela and a nice side effect of restoring your body back to health and function is a lot of those symptoms and conditions and diseases start to improve and go away right.

We don't treat anything. I tell you this right cancer and genetic effects are examples of if your whole goal is to treat symptoms and to treat diseases and conditions you will never restore your body. Back to South and you'll be constantly chasing these conditions and symptoms in a circle the rest of your life cuz if all you do cancer and genetic effects are examples of treat things you're never gonna restore.

The very simple definition of cancer is let's flip this guy Barb.

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How are you again if you're jumping viermi paraziti curiozitati here? If you're new, give me a hello. What's up? Let me know where you're watching. Listen tune in from so turn that a little bit cancer right here. What is the basis say it is an abnormal growth of cells right, cancer and genetic effects are examples of simply what is cancer if you want to find cancer or tumor very simply cancer or tumor.

Is it It's an abnormal uncontrolled growth of cells right?

Mutation in tumor suppressor gene leads to cancer

What is what cancer is because all of our cells in our body are there to replicate and reproduce, but the interesting thing is our cells and in the genetic makeup of cells is as you cells start to break down and start to become sick if you will or toxic or not functioning properly, they have actual machinery program to basically destroy themselves or kill themselves or to put up a little antenna, saying Hey, I'm sick.

I'm infected.

Link between hpv and cancer. Association between hpv and cervical cancer. Activities

I'm not a healthy cell, come by other cells of your body and get rid of me right so all cancer is and all tumor. It's an uncontrollable growth of cells of non healthy functioning cells, and so with that being said, then you gotta go back and look at okay If hpv vaccino richiamo cancer really is and all the tumor really is uncontrolled growth of non healthy functioning cells, Then what leads us to that point right?

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but every. One of us me you your husband, your wife, Kids mom dad grandpa grandmother aunt uncle cancer and genetic effects are examples of neighbor down the Street. We all have cancer cells in us right now. Don't don't freak out. Don't go running down the Street screaming, but we all have cancer cells in our body right now, but there's things that are put into place that our own body has hey how are you hope your husband's doing better?

Place to actually be able to detect and eliminate and get rid of these cancer cells. That's one of the key things that will lead to the development of tumors and cancer down the road will get into that.