Helminth charger infection

Postat inițial de eRagerino : That's the stupidest and most illogical reason I've heard Everyone can get it on their own, they don't need others to give it to them.

helminth charger infection

The quest have index missions that helminth charger infection just horrible helminth charger infection play and feel like forever to get done. But after this long quest you still have to farm the gear on the new salvage mode to build the frame.

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By the time you got all these and been done with the quest you most likely would be infected already. But you can't get infected if the feature isn't in.

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Which is what I'm saying, you shouldn't be able to unwillingly get infected. If helminth charger infection want the charger and Nidus, you should have to do the quest, period Just like you have to do other quests to get the blueprint for certain other frames Oh it's tedious?

You don't want to do it?

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That's stupid. And you have the farm everything in this game. This game defines endless grind.

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If you don't like that, then this game is obviously not made for you I get it from a story point of view, but it's still stupid. If anything at least let us cure it as soon as we get it and not when it's matured after 7 days

Warframe - Strain Mod Set For Helminth Chargers