Metastatic cancer dangerous

EU food safety authorities have been asked to investigate.

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Acrylamide is a chemical compound that typically metastatic cancer dangerous in starchy food products such as potato crisps, chips, bread, biscuits and metastatic cancer dangerous, during high-temperature processing above °including frying, baking and roasting. Acrylamide has previously been linked to cancer.

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InSwedish researchers found the compound by coincidence and had a strong suspicion that acrylamide was a carcinogenic agent. Since then, different studies have given an unclear picture, but now the DTU's National Food Institute has given a public warning for the first time. By that I mean levels so that the industry starts working on how to decrease the amount of acrylamide in their food metastatic cancer dangerous Schlundt said.

metastatic cancer dangerous

Comparing with salmonella Schlundt said the EU can't wait another 10 years before doing something about acrylamide, comparing it to salmonella. And no one knew exactly how to solve it.

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But we did metastatic cancer dangerous today we don't have salmonella in eggs. We have to think the same way about acrylamide or else more people will develop cancer even though we can stop it," the DTU director stated. The report covered the monitoring metastatic cancer dangerous and did not reveal any considerable change from the last report for the majority of the food categories assessed.

metastatic cancer dangerous

Sincethe number of results submitted to EFSA declined, limiting the reliability of the trend analysis. Background Cooking food at high temperatures, for example grilling or barbecuing meats, can lead to the formation of minute quantities of many potent carcinogens that are comparable to those found in cigarette smoke.

Reports from the UK's Food Standards Agency have found that the known animal carcinogen acrylamide is generated in fried or overheated carbohydrate foods such as crisps and chips.

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Studies are underway at the European regulatory agencies and the FDA to assess its potential risk to humans. Timeline EFSA to update its European exposure assessment last carried out in and to continue to collect acrylamide monitoring data.

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