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At typical doses, experts say that most plant extracts are probably safe for BPH. They may be worth a try, especially if you have high cholesterol.

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Beta-sitosterols, a plant version of cholesterol, are also used to lower cholesterol and are in some cholesterol-lowering margarines. Try 60 to milligrams a day.

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PYGEUM also known as African plum extract, could cut down on the times you have to get up to urinate at night and can improve urine flow. It may not work as well as standard treatments like alpha-blockers, though.

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Try 75 to milligrams a day. Experts encourage using only sustainably harvested pygeum. Two studies showed that rye grass pollen extract is a beneficial remedy.

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You ovarian cancer hormonal changes have less dribbling after urinating and need to get up less often at night to urinate.

In one study, it also appeared to shrink prostate size. If you want to try it, it's probably safe for up to 6 months.

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Some older research suggests that Harzol, an extract of African wild potato is also a beneficial remedy. That's probably because it's high in beta-sitosterols. But it may also lower blood sugar levels.

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So if you have diabetes, you may want to skip products with this plant. And if you do try it, watch your blood sugar closely. The Latest Science on saw palmetto showed its a favourite remedy.

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Early studies showed that taking milligrams a day could ease urinary symptoms. Aloe vera in Aloe power contains Beta- sitosterol.