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Materials and method. This paper describes a case of granulosa tumor cell, juvenile type, in a young woman with secondary amenorrhea and primary infertility.

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Granulosa tumor cell, juvenile type, was ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms after clinical and paraclinical tests had been done, and MRI de­scribed the ovarian tumor. This case ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms the importance of multidisciplinary ovarian cancer recurrence rate approach, involving gynecologist, fertility specialist, oncologist, and radiologist.

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We have reviewed the available literature in this report. Benedict B. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy were com­plementary treatments that were discussed in the multidisciplinary meeting, but as ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms adjuvant therapy was found to be effective, these adjuvant therapies are ovarian cancer recurrence rate for recurrence and palliative care for advanced disease. Given the rarity of this disease worldwide, it is important to raise awareness amongst medical staff and educate the general population to seek medical attention early.

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Keywords sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary, granulosa tumor cell, juvenile granulosa tumor cells, fertility sparing surgery, ovarian cancer Rezumat Introducere. Materiale şi me­­to­­dă. Lu­crarea descrie un caz de tumoare de gra­nu­loasă de tip juvenil la o femeie tânără ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms amenoree se­cun­dară şi infer­ti­­li­­tate primară. Tumoarea de granuloasă de tip ju­­ve­nil a fost suspicionată ovarian cancer recurrence rate ce s-au efectuat investigaţiile cli­­ni­ce şi paraclinice, iar RMN-ul a descris o tumoare ovariană.

Peritoneal cancer recurrence ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms Ca­zul prezentat arată im­por­tanţa abordării în echipă mul­ti­­dis­­ci­pli­nară care să in­clu­dă ginecologul, specialistul în re­pro­du­­ce­re medicală asis­ta­tă, oncologul medical şi spe­cia­lis­tul în ima­gis­tică.

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Deşi ovarian cancer recurrence rate de bază îl reprezintă chi­rur­gia, cu res­pec­tarea prin­ci­piilor de siguranţă oncologică si­mi­lare celor din can­ce­rul epitelial ovarian, este importantă in­di­vi­dualizarea ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms la pacientele care doresc con­ser­va­rea fer­ti­li­tă­ţii, situaţie în care se recomandă o chirurgie adaptată aces­tui deziderat.

Chimioterapia şi radioterapia ovarian cancer recurrence rate tra­ta­mente com­ple­mentare, recomandate în caz de recidivă sau paliaţie, în stadii avansate de boală. Datorită rarităţii acestor cazuri, este necesară o continuă in­for­mare a po­pu­laţiei feminine şi a medicilor de familie de a so­li­cita opinia spe­cia­listului pentru o depistare precoce. Cuvinte cheie tumoare ovariană stromală de cordoane sexuale tumoare cu celule granuloase tumoare juvenilă cu celule granuloase chirurgie conservatoare a fertilităţii cancer ovarian Introduction Sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary SCSTO is ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms group of ovarian tumors, either benign of malignant, that usually develop from the division of the cells which surround and support the oocytes, and they include cells that produce hormones.

The majority of the malignant SCSTO have a good prognosis, being diagnosed in an early stage, and they are low-grade malignancies compared with epithelial ovarian cancer. Pre- or postmenopausal women account the same percentage of granulosa stromal ovarian cancer recurrence rate tumors 2. Patients with these types of tumors usually have signs and symptoms of estrogen and androgen excess.

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Granulosa cell tumors are part of the group of sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary, being the most common ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms and having a malignant potential 3. These tumors are large ovarian masses, up to 15 cm 4.

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The juvenile type is very rare, and this is specific for children, for women at puberty, or in their early 20s. This subtype seems to be more aggressive, with early recurrence compared with the adult subtype, that tends to have low risk of late recurrence 5.

Ovarian cancer recurrence rate

In postmenopausal women, estrogen secretion can be sufficient to induce the development of endometrial cancer. Very rare granulosa cell tumor could rupture and produce hemoperitoneum.

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Very rare granulosa cell tumor may produce androgens and induce virilization 8. The phenotype of the patient who develops granulosa tumor cell is non-white, obese patients with family history of ovarian cancer or breast cancer.

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Smoking, parity and the use of contraceptive pills seem to have a protective role in developing these types of tumors 4. However, ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms gene ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms was found to be the constant in the adult type of granulosa cell tumor, and this is mutant FOXL2 9but no family cases were found. Surgical approach as a first-line treatment brought significant benefit on a long-term prognosis, since most of these tumors are confined with one ovary and they can be resected with oncological safety principles followed.

Moreover, chemotherapy is less needed, although recurrent disease usually responds poorly to ovarian cancer recurrence rate.

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Taking into consideration that patients are in an early stage at diagnosis and surgery is usually done with a curative approach, these bring excellent prognosis and outcome for these patients, but ovarian cancer recurrence rate real prognosis and the natural history are poorly known and understood since these tumors are very rare in the population. Clinical and paraclinical investigations Early puberty, secondary amenorrhea and endocrinologic symptoms are the most common symptoms that brings the patients to medical advice and lead to early diagnosis Other ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms symptoms include abdominal pain ovarian cancer recurrence rate enlargement of the abdomen for the juvenile type.

Ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms Ovarian cancer hormone symptoms Ovarian cancer how to prevent New hope for ovarian cancer aggressive cancer lymph ovarian cancer hormone symptoms Rectal papilloma cancer de col uterin in engleza, papilloma virus nel cane bacterii aerobe exemple. Cancer hormonal femme dysbiosis baby, cancer de prostata jornal nacional cancer col uterin se trateaza. But screening tests also have disadvantages, so a balanced decision must be made, with the help of clinical randomized trials.

For the adult type, symptoms and signs include menometrorrhagia or postmenopausal bleeding, virilization, abdominal pain and a palpable mass Blood tests and hormonal profile should be included in the investigation panel in order to check for the ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms of testosterone and androstendione.

Because these tumors are very rare, the hormonal profile is not evaluated currently preoperatively, therefore after surgery the levels of these hormones are normal.

Inhibin B is very accurate as a tumor marker, more specific than inhibin A, and is also useful to monitor recurrence.

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It was supposed that CT or MRI could characterize more accurate these tumors and bring more information than ultrasound, but the imaging features are nonspecific and cannot discriminate from the epithelial ovarian tumors Figure 1. Ultrasound aspect of granulosa tumor cell As a diagnostic procedure, a complete surgical resection and staging are recommended for these cases.

Ovarian cancer recurrence rate histopathology can diagnose adequately these tumors and can discriminate between epithelial ovarian tumors, germ cell tumors or other cancer 13 Figure 2, Figure 3. Figure 2.

Granulosa tumor cell histo­pathology HE staining The natural history of these tumors is different from that of epithelial ovarian cancers, since these tumors have a low malignant potential. Treatment The treatment with the best outcome for these tumors is the complete surgical resection, with an excellent prognosis for stage I disease.

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These tumors have a poor response to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, therefore surgery is not just a diagnostic procedure, but aims to resect completely the disease. When planning simptomele viermilor rotunzi în tratamentul adulților, fertility sparing surgery should be considered especially for patients who have not completed their family and wish to preserve fertility.

Otherwise, for postmenopausal women, hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is recommended.

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Because of the risk of hyperplasia of the endometrium ovarian cancer recurrence rate adenocarcinoma, a risk due to estrogen exposure, it is recommended to advise the patient about endometrium sampling.