Sarcoma cancer articles

Last week doctors told Mike Petrosino that they used all the arrows in their quiver for the battle the young man has waged against cancer since Apriltwo months before his 14th birthday.

May 20, at pm Hi Daniel, As you know I have just discovered your website, and it is a fantastic resource for people like me who are desperately trying to find a way to stay alive. However, if you feel it has become a burden, then you should let it go. It is not your job to save us all, especially after all enterobioza pinworm have been through already.

However, if you find it therapeutic, or if it sarcoma cancer articles helping sarcoma cancer articles to heal your grief by helping others, then that is Sarcoma cancer articles. But if you are asking the question, I think perhaps you already know the answer…There is great info already on here thanks to you which is helping us all. You are a breath of fresh air when it comes to this massive money-making cancer industry on the internet.

I am particularly disillusioned by some of the doctors in Mexico and Germany who charge hundreds of thousands of pounds for their treatments, yet offer no guarantees at all.


I cannot see how they can justify their charges, except that they know we are desperate people looking for anything that might help us or our loved ones. At first I thought Ty Bollinger, Lee Eular etc were in it for the right reasons, but at the end of the day they are all making a million dollar fortune on the back of desperate people like us. Sorry, but that is the truth. Everything is about selling their books, videos, supplements or incredibly expensive stays at their hospitals.

Sarcoma cancer articles have already spent tens of thousands of pounds to no avail. But I am still looking for the right doctor who will cure me, or at least help me live with cancer as a chronic disease.

Do they exist? Bravo, you are an amazing guy! sarcoma cancer articles

Faithful dog Rusty bids final farewell to dying young owner - New York Daily News

May 22, at pm Dear Hectoria, thank you for your kind message. Indeed, oncology is a difficult field. It would be indeed easier to just do something else other than continuing my activity in oncology. Everything else seems easier than this. However, I saw that there is so much that can be done for advanced cancer patients.

Faithful dog Rusty bids final farewell to dying young owner

There are so many findings in the academic world that can add value to the life of a cancer patient. We have experienced the benefit of that, and knowing how difficult is when a patient is left without treatment options, it would be a pity not to try and share what I learned and with that hopefully have some positive impact on people in need.

sarcoma cancer articles

I could spend my time trying to enjoy life like anyone out there, but in the end what is our purpose on this planet?

If the purpose sarcoma cancer articles be just to enjoy life, such as traveling, BBQ with friends, etc. And if all people would take the easy route in life, we would probably not see much evolution.

sarcoma cancer articles

So, some people have to sacrifice part of their life time for evolution, and I sarcoma cancer articles and intend to continue being between those sarcoma cancer articles that. Now I do that in my free time but next year will do it full time. That is a little of the way I think that made me decide to start up with the Foundation.

But off course, I will not be able to do much without the support of others. So I will do sarcoma cancer articles best continuing on this road with a clear goals in mind, i. I so much understand your points regarding the large amount of money we need to pay everywhere when it comes to advanced cancer.

We spend so much money as well and indeed nobody could guaranty anything. But it sarcoma cancer articles difficult to identify sarcoma cancer articles, I know.

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I have so many stories on this line as well … but this is why I am also thinking that one of the Foundation activity should be focused on identifying the valuable clinics. This will be one of the challenge of the Foundation, and this is why I will need to find an independent financial source to support such activities.

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I did met doctors that at least they have the best intentions, they are doing their best and also going deep enough into science to understand what they are doing and try to improve that. So I am sure there are doctors like this, but off course not many. Thanks a lot again and hope you will find something on this website that will help you!

sarcoma cancer articles

Tanya says: Daniel, I can give you a few reasons why your website is so important. There virus papiloma en boca many cancer forums on the internet with a lot of information regarding conventional treatments. People who want to push the limits have to search deeper.

Most of them have commercial interest and try to promote supplements, certain clinics, etc. Most people simply do not have that kind of money but would like to try sarcoma cancer articles treatments.

Your site offers real hope. If somebody wants to keep fighting there is always one more strategy to try. I would like to ask anybody who visits your site to post their experience.

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Good or bad results — it all matters, it can help someone one day. I will post soon about my results.

Cancer not only kills the host but it persists after your death in the grief of your family I am getting poetic after I cleared chemo brain. We all want our loved ones to be happy, with us or without us.

Daniel, if this website will become too much for you one day, I think, cancer patients will forgive you for leaving. But I hope this site will have a long life and you will be named a pioneer of some of these strategies.