Sarcoma cancer follow up

sarcoma cancer follow up

Presenting a compilation of the current knowledge of specific soft tissue and bone sarcomas, this accessible resource on diagnosis and management is the most practical in the market. Led by the world's foremost sarcomas experts in medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, gynecologic oncology, orthopedic surgery, radiology, and pathology, the book addresses the general principles of each major medical discipline, provides details on each major sarcoma subtype, and presents the evidence for standard frontline, adjuvant, and novel treatment approaches such sarcoma cancer follow up immunotherapy, cellular therapies, and more.

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The book begins with general principles sarcoma cancer follow up diagnosis and management for each discipline in the field, covering specialties from medical oncology to radiology. Following the chapters on general principles, are chapters characterizing the most prevalent subtypes of sarcoma including their estimated incidence, common presenting symptoms, diagnostic approach, radiographic features and essential imaging, key diagnostic features, molecular characteristics, approaches to treatment, recommended follow up, the metastatic potential as well as evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

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Each chapter ends with a summary of caveats, clinical pearls, pitfalls, and solutions as well as a case study from the clinician's point of view. The book ends with chapters sarcoma cancer follow up on new approaches to treatment and the development of therapeutics to combat sarcoma using immunotherapy, cellular therapy, and interventional radiology.

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Numerous tables and disease-based images support the text and provide key information for quick reference. Presenting detailed evidence and authoritative clinical guidance throughout, Sarcomas is a "one-stop" guide for any clinician diagnosing, treating, or managing patients suffering from these heterogenous diseases.

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Key Features: Provides the standards of care and evidence base for treatment of each major sarcoma subtype Covers all new treatment paradigms and FDA approvals Includes numerous quick reference tables and high-quality color images Presents over 20 practical case studies from leading clinicians in the field Purchase includes access to the ebook for use on most mobile devices or computers REVIEW-URI.