Solitar joc de logică

solitar joc de logică

I am addicted to this game and play it all the time. But I would change two things, and the first is the hints.

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I would also change the trophy system for playing every daily game in a month. You should get rewards for the whole month, such as 10 free hints meaning without ads for a month and maybe 20 for a year. Because of these things, if I could, I would rate this game 4.

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Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiHello! Thank you for your feedback. Smart hints help to learn the strategy and the techniques on how puzzles are solved.

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They show not just a random column or row, but what should be the next logical move towards the right solution according to the current state of the puzzle. Also, you can switch to simple hints, which allow you to select a cell and get the number that matches the final solution of the puzzle.

For this, open the app, tap the "gear" solitar joc de logică in the right upper corner, select Settings and disable Smart Hints.

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Thank you in advance! I was obsessed with this app when I first downloaded it about a month or so ago and would play several games for literally hours. Secondly, now I see that if you put a number incorrectly in the square three times then you lose the game altogether and you have to start the whole game over.

solitar joc de logică

This is extremelyyyyyy annoying because I hate games where I have a small amount of times to do well in a game. Why not continue letting me make my mistakes until I finish solitar joc de logică round?

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Why interrupt me in the middle of analyzing the puzzle? Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiHi!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback. The feature with the disappearing numbers is called "Hide used numbers" and you can turn it off in the Settings of the app.

Solitar joc de logică, you can disable Mistakes Limit there.

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If you have any other questions, please let us know, we'd be happy to help! Purdueet It has great features.

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Please add a button to clear the puzzle to start over. My second concern is irritating enough to delete the app and find another game.

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If I play with two hands inevitably I miss the number and hit the ad banner which takes me to another page. I understand the need for ads with a free game. But, that placement is so close that I mistakenly hit the ad many many times during a puzzle and I lose my place or thought process.

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It is maddening. Please fix these.

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It would be a 5 Star review otherwise! Thanks for your feedback.

Adăugăm 10 jocuri noi în colecţia noastră de jocuri online gratuite în fiecare zi.

You can restart the game from the Main screen. Just tap the "Back" button in the left upper corner, click "New Game" and select "Restart". We'll consider your comments about ads placement.