Intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia

Andrei, L. This study included eight cases of inpatients diagnosed by echography and NMR with testicular tumors. The age of patients was between 46 and 81 with a mean of The tumors were unilateral, with disease limited to testicle and accompanied by pain except one case with bone involvement.

Orchectomy was performed as first therapeutic and diagnostic purpose.

intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia hpv virus and uti

A standard chemotherapy protocol has not been used because of reduced number of patients. Microscopy revealed in all cases a stromal proliferation with medium size cells, monomorphic shape and prominent nucleoli.

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Alphafetoprotein was positive in seminal tubes and negative in tumor, NK1 in small lymphocyte and negative in tumor and L26 diffuse positive in tumor. CLA diffuse positive in tumor. We were able to follow up only four patients. Conclusions: The diagnosis was of NHML in six cases and for two secondary involvement of hematopoietic malignancy myeloid sarcoma and leukemia. Unfavorable evolution with 6 months relapse and one death prove a more aggressive evolution of primitive testicular lymphoma.

Cytokinic panel in rheumatoid arthritis and correlation with histological patterns of synovitis - active type of intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia Carmen Avramescu, C.

Vere, Cl. Margaritescu, Adriana Turculeanu, Maria Balasoiu, Suzana Rogoz Rheumatoid arthritis RA is a chronically inflammatory disease of the articular synovial, with severe, progressive and irreversible articular destruction. We want to determine certain pro-inflammatory cytokines tumoral-alpha - TNF-alpha necrosis factor, interleukine-6 - IL-6, interleukine-8 - IL-8anti-inflammatory cytokines interleukine - IL intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia immunomodulators interleukin-2 - IL-2 in some RA patients serum at the active stage of the disease and correlation with histological patterns of synovitis - active type of disease.

Material and methods. From the 37 patients clinical investigated only 12 were histopathological examined.

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The serum levels of IL-2 have been found low in patients with RA in the active stage of the disease, the lowest values having been determined at the patients in the 3rd stage of the disease, who also have the highest values of pro-inflammatory cytokines. In the case of IL the lowest values have been found at patients in the advanced stages of the disease.

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  • Intraductal papilloma squamous metaplasia, Rosen's Breast Pathology Conținutul Intraductal papilloma with usual ductal hyperplasia Intraductal papillomatosis pathology outlines Sinonimele și antonimele ductal în dicționarul de sinonime Engleză Populare tratament umăr ligament Programe analitice - Anatomie patologica - Intraductal papillomatosis pathology "Carol Davila" Intraductal papillomatosis pathology An intraductal papilloma is a tiny wart- like intraductal papillomatosis pathology in breast tissue, that is composed of fibrous tissue and blood vessels.
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In the serum of RA patients with follicular synovitis TNF-alpha was a dominant cytokine compared to patients with diffuse disease, but the greatest serum level was found in patient with granulomatous synovitis. Concentrations of IL-6 and IL-2 were highest in the serum of RA patients with follicular synovitis in comparison to patients with diffuse synovitis and could distinguish RA patients with these two histological variants of the disease.

In the active stage of the disease, the symptoms are a consequence of the intraductal papilloma with intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia metaplasia pro intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia anti-inflammatory game: high serum levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines are accompanied by low serum levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Cytokines can be used as monitorization markers of the acutization period in RA, increase in serum levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines showing the progression from the inactive phase to a new period of activity of the disease.

The association between distinct histological appearance of rheumatoid synovitis and serum cytokine profile and diverse clinical activity of disease seems to confirm its heterogeneity.

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Jung Background. The pathomechanism of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS has not been clarified yet. The high rate of early progenitor cells in carotid body has been reported as a pathognomic feature for SIDS.

Intraductal papilloma with atypical ductal hyperplasia icd 10 Lecture and slide discussion on benign proliferative breast lesions and papillary lesions of the bre parazi?

Aim and Study design. A comparison was made between the rates of dark and early progenitor cells. Outcome measures. Results and conclusion. In this study on Hungarian SIDS cases, we confirmed the observation that infants who died suddenly have an underdeveloped carotid body.

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The invasive mammary cancer is the most frequent malign tumor of a woman. Among the potential prognostic factors are included the biomarkers which measure or are associated with biological processes involved in the tumoral progression.

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We study the prognostic importance of the c-erbB2 oncoprotein in the invasive mammary cancer. We included in the study 56 female patients suffering of invasive mammary cancer. The tissue fragments were fitted in formalin, included to paraffin, commonly colored Hematoxylin-Eosin HE ; for the determination of the c-erbB2 we used the immunohistochemical method of Avidin-Biotin complex ABC.

Intraductal papilloma squamous metaplasia

From the total of 56 tumors, 38 The positivity of c-erbB2 oncoprotein was correlated with the size of the tumor; the carcinomas which are not infiltrative ductal, knows as having a better prognostic, were c-erbB2 negative.

The place and the role of histological examination in diagnostic algorithm of urinary system tuberculosis Em. Trasca, E. Papilloma linguale sintomi, R. Buzulica, Gh. Dragoi, Iuliana Nicolescu The diagnosis of tuberculosis of renal and urinary tract is made by identifying Koch bacillus in special cultures and using histological examination of surgical removed pieces.

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Not in all cases, the usual pathological techniques are very specific. Using special stain for acid-fast bacilli it can be certified the etiological diagnostic.

All the surgical removed pieces were studied using usual pathology methods.

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In order to find renal tuberculosis we performed on surgical pieces special staining Ziehl-Nielsenwe noted the pathological finding in each case and we found seven cases with certainly tuberculosis etiology.

A rare case of glioblastoma multiforme I. Radu, A.