Peritoneal cancer radiation. Peritoneal cancer mortality rate

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These genes peritoneal cancer radiation inherited passed on from one g However, sometimes the DNA of these two genes will mutate or get changed during the division of cells. However, some mutations of these two genes can lead to cancers like ovarian cancer and others. As we all know, surgeons do their best to remove all the cancer during surgery.

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But it is possible that a few cancer cells were missed. This is why surgeons will sometimes recommend chemotherapy, radiation, radiotherapy, or cancer drugs to kill what might have been missed.

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Thus, as you know good cells die as well as cancerous cells. Researchers have discovered that after some peritoneal cancer radiation these treatments peritoneal cancer radiation body is able to repair some of the good cells that were damaged by treatment. The down side is that our body also repairs the broken DNA strands of cancerous cells as well.

This repairing of cells is due to a protein called PARP that exists in everyone's body. The good news is bandă tratament helmint there are now medications a pill that keeps certain cancers like ovarian cancer from repairing the broken DNA strands and thus the cancer does not come back later.

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