Problems with papillomas

Consultations and examinations In our clinic we have doctors specialized in the intimate esthetic surgery, which provides you with an operating problems with papillomas at the highest standards, in an intimate and comfortable environment We bring back your comfort and condition quickly, with a minimum recovery period and in a only day.

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What is intimate-esthetic surgery? Today, esthetic surgery through the application of the most innovative techniques, local anesthesia and sterile surgery rooms allows for 1 day surgery without pain and low problems with papillomas Doctors specialized in esthetic surgery of the genital area provide you with an experience operating to the highest standards in a comfortable and intimate ambiance.

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We bring back your comfort and condition back quickly with a minimum recovery period and in a only day. Fibroepithelial papilloma def surgery is recommended for Intimate operations do not require special preparation The main contraindications of surgery are the presence of diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis problems with papillomas HIV, as well as the presence of active inflammation in the vaginal area.

Treatment of urinary incontinence To reduce the size of the labia majora and labia minora that are not aesthetic Discomfort during sexual act Congenital or abnormal pathologies of genital organs Deformation of the vulva, caused by trauma, surgery, postpartum changes Age changes in the intimate area Lack of orgasm, slight arousal during sexual intercourse The weakening of muscle tissue caused by age or basofilok helminthiasis Labioplasty Labioplasty is a procedure by which the labia minora and majora is reduced.

problems with papillomas

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It is the most popular surgery intervention of genitals problems with papillomas The purpose problems with papillomas this intervention is to give a look of stretch, reduce the size of the labia majora and labia minora it balances symmetry between its.

Preoperatively, patients should have a gynecological consultation with Papanicoalu-test and gynecological smear, so as to minimize the risk of postoperative infection and healing should be fast and secure.

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Clitoroplasty Clitoroplasty is a minimal invasive surgical procedure, which is performed at the intimate area level under local anesthesia, with no pain and contra-indications. This intimate intervention means reducing the excess skin in the area of the clitoris.

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Clitoroplasty has as objective the improvement of the quality of sexual life and does not necessarily have a medical problem.