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Decoction with honey is used as a cough medicine. Ayurvedic experts use this plant for treating stomach, genitourinary system, liver, kidney and spleen. It has anti-hepatitis B properties and it is also used for treating kidney stones. It can cure liver diseases, lower the cholesterol, reduces growth of hepatitis B virus, has antifungal, antiviral, liver cirrhosis, diuretic, stomachic, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhea, remove toxins, hypertension, anemia, leprosy, ringworm and menstrual problems.

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Root extracts are used in massage oils, body lotions and hair oil. Regular use of a small portion of the leaf helps warts unani treatment increase immunity power drastically.

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It helps in improving the quality of bile and improves bile production and helps in digestion. It helps to eliminate gall stones, kidney stones and cure liver hepatitis along with other herbs like Bhringraj, Kalmegh, Kaasni. It helps to improve the immunity and therefore useful in recurrent respiratory tract infections, asthma, Tonsillitis in children. It helps in limiting the growth of hepatitis B virus found in the blood stream.

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It is said to be used in the case of anorexia. It is diuretic and hence is used in urinary tract infections and bacterial infections like cyctitis and protastitis. Infusion of the warts unani treatment and leaves is a good tonic and diuretic when taken cold in repeated doses.

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Poultice of the leaves with salt cures scabby disorder of the skin. Poultice can also be applied on a bruise and wound without salt.

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Fresh root is believed to be an excellent remedy for jaundice. Milky juice of the plant is a good remedy to apply on offensive skin sores.

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According to Unani system of medicine, the herb is a stomachic and is useful in chronic dysentery. Fruits warts unani treatment the plant are useful for tubercular ulcers, wounds, sores, scabies and ring worm.

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Decoction of the whole cancer de endometru stadii is a very good remedy against malarial fever. It can be used to increase the appetite and locally to relieve inflammations.

warts unani treatment

Infusion of young shoots is an effective cure to treat dysentery. Fresh juice of the whole plant along with clarified butter is very effective in the treatment of Menorrhagia, Leucorrhea and Gonorrhea.

Consuming a spoon of fresh juice from the plant, along with sugar and jira, helps to mitigate pain in urination.

warts unani treatment

Whole plant also contains potassium. Regular intake of a small quantity of leaves in the morning on an empty stomach helps to get rid of the toxins. Tuberculosis can also be controlled by using this herb.

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Juice of the plant is effective dressing for offensive sores. Juice is mixed with oil and used for treating conjunctivitis and eye inflammation. Young leaves are used for milder forms of intermittent fevers. Leaves are boiled in milk and are given in dropsical disorders and urinary complaints.

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Poultice of leaves are prepared with rice water and applied to ulcers or edematous swelling. It is used for treating itch, scabies and other skin diseases.

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Fresh roots along with rice water are given in menorrhagia excessive profuse discharge of menses or its prolongation. Leaves were crushed with salt and applied for skin diseases.

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Plant decoction was very effective for diabetes and chest pain. Decoction of leaves or roots is used for ulcers. Dried powder of the plant mixed with gruel water is applied over ulcers and wounds. In Unani medicine the roots of this plant are used for the remedy of liver diseases.